About Us

Dr Allan McCarthy - I have been most fortunate to have lived the chiropractic lifestyle from birth. My father Dr David was helping others in the same way that he had been helped from a life-threatening condition as a young adult. It was natural then for him to bring up his family here in Tauranga using these sound health-promoting techniques.

The inspiration to become a chiropractor therefore started for me at an early age. In 1980 I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, USA and immediately returned to Tauranga to join the family practice.

Today the benefits of chiropractic care are becoming more evident as more people break from tradition and discover that the answer to their health concerns is usually within them. The power that made the body in the first place is the power that can heal the body.

We aim to give back to the body its inborn ability to self-correct. In my over 30 years of practising I have many times been in awe of the body’s resilience when the cause of the health concern is reduced. In a nutshell “Nature needs no help, just no interference”

McCarthy Family Chiropractors

Dr Lauren Frost - I was fortunate to be born into a chiropractic family and seeing the results of chiropractic care in people’s lives caused me to want to be able to do this for others. I graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Auckland,  in 2008 and returned to Tauranga to join the family practice in early 2010 after travelling overseas.

I love seeing the changes that as a chiropractor I can make in people’s lives. It is something so simple that makes such a difference and we see it happen every day. I am committed to enhancing the well-being of the people of Tauranga and its environs, helping individuals lead healthier and happier lives by utilising chiropractic care. My specialties as a chiropractor to care for children from pre-pregnancy through to adulthood.

Any other time you’ll find me enjoying music, playing the piano, or at the beach, gardening, cooking or reading

McCarthy Family Chiropractors

Adrienne McCarthy CA - I am a chiropractic assistant, wife and mum to 4 healthy grown children. It is wonderful to see that our eldest, Lauren, has followed her Grandfather’s and father’s lead in becoming a chiropractor. I had my first chiropractic adjustment when I was 2 years old and the chiropractic lifestyle has been the foundation to my health care while growing up. This has been the pattern with our own family with minimal medical attention - just the occasional stitches or casts after skating or skiing mishaps.

Our purpose at the clinic is to share this knowledge and experience with those that prefer a natural and conservative approach to restoring their health and maintaining a higher level of wellbeing. Our clients range from newborns, being checked for birth trauma difficulties, right through to the very elderly wishing to get the best quality out of their last years.

Outside the office my other interests include piano teaching, cooking, sewing and enjoying the local walking tracks.

McCarthy Family Chiropractors